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L'Eau Papier, the subtle new Diptyque eau de toilette.
Made exclusively for the Maison, the olfactory research process begins with graphic expression, a key element of any creation. A stroke set loose on paper, imagination untethered by fragrance.
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Diptyque Eau Papier Collection - Eau de toiletteDiptyque L'Eau Papier - Eau de toilette -  Musk, Mimosa, Rice steam, Blonde woodDiptyque L'Eau Papier - Olfactory landscape

White Musk

A multi-faceted musk expresses itself over time, evolving from one skin to another. Like a wash of ink, it saturates the paper to reveal fascinating and unexpected shapes.
ingredient white musks

Rice Steam Accord

Round and textured, this note evokes the grain of paper. Its texture outlines the fragrance, lending shape and contrast to the composition.
ingredient rice steam


Grasse mimosa, honeyed and bright, adds a floral and radiant touch to the creation's impetus.
ingredient mimosa

Blonde Wood Accord

Its golden light brings a gentle warmth. Its curves and contours take shape, bringing out the details of a creation grounded in materiality.
ingredient blonde woods
Diptyque Eau Papier Collection - Eau de toilette 100ml and 50ml
Everyone is free to draw inspiration from L'Eau Papier and to write their own story.
L'Eau Papier 100mlL'Eau Papier 50ml
The Art of Alix Waline
With the tip of her brush, Alix Waline creates abstract, delicate, and dreamlike works of art in multiple shades of black. It was only natural for the Maison to choose this ink purist to work on the design universe of L'Eau Papier.
Alix Waline - Diptyque Eau Papier Design Universe
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